Car Roof Interior Laser LED Projector

The interior laser LED projects  starry night lights that give the impression of a buoyant, expressive and lively environment. A drive can be a lot of fun. The car roof star lights come in a mixture of bright colors such as blue, red and purple. You can transform your car to a beautiful enclave, with a scenery and view that stand out. It doesn't matter the direction of illumination you want; this aesthetic accessory is designed with 90-degree adjustment, up and down. The diode illuminating source produces extremely bright lights that consume very little power. This IPX4-rated waterproof star car light has a working temperature of between -20° to as much as 70°. What's more, get lifetime usage of 50,000 hours, which gives more than 5 years of beautiful starry experiences.
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The easy-to-install car roof star lights is a 5V projector with a simple USB cable that can be plugged into your car's USB socket. The mini LED star light lamp comes with an easily adjustable bracket so you can get different directions of illumination, based on where you want lit up at every point in time. And just in case you don't have a power socket in your car, you can connect this to your computer, tablet, smartphone, and so on, for safe power supply.


One amazing advantage of this device is that it can be utilized in different places and scenarios. You can use it in a car, your bedroom, a bar or karaoke lounge, and in several other places. Depending on your mood and the scenery you want, simply rotate the connected knob clockwise and anti clockwise to get the lighting effect you want. So, discover a unique world of lights and colors all in the comfort of your space. It is compatible with most cars. Get in the mood and produce the perfect romantic scene for you and your loved one with this amazing product.



Features and Specifications

  • Material and Build

This is a pretty precise product with no extras. It comes in a plug and play design, made with sturdy materials. Asides the Cable that has some rubber, the Projector itself is made of aluminum alloy which is a very durable, anti-rust material. The round Projector is also not smooth to allow for ergonomic operation.


  • Size/Weight

One great feature of this product is its portability and practicality. No one needs to create extra space for anything else in a car, and this device takes up just about 20cm in length and next to nothing in width. It weighs around 30g and can easily go unnoticed beside the two front seats, if not for the obvious colorful lights it adorns your car interior with.


  • Lighting Color

Enjoy the colorful variety between blue, red and purple as they combine to give you that romantic scenery you desire. All of these culminate in an ambience that makes your ride fly.



  • Power Source

A universal USB port is all it takes to get this powered up. It doesn't matter what you use; the port on your dashboard, your mobile phone, a power bank or even a computer. All it requires is less than 5V and you're set for the ride of your life.


  • Operation

The projector is designed as a rotatable knob. Once connected via USB, simply rotate the know to your desired degree to get the mood and color you want. It is very easy to operate and use. No technical installation process required. Simply Plug and Play.



  • It is very easy to use as it requires no serious installation. Just find a USB port, plug and play.


  • It is extremely portable and doesn't take up much space in your car.


  • It is multifunctional; can be used in your car or truck or even in your bedroom.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport for use anywhere.


  • Low energy cost, uses up only between 1W and 5W for every session.



  • Not rechargeable, must be plugged in to function.


Why you need a Car Roof Interior Laser LED Projector

  • To give your car the right mood and color.
  • Turn your boring car interior into an exciting disco Hall.
  • Add a bit of romance to your car or room when hanging out with a loved on.
  • To add some lighting to an otherwise dark place.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it battery powered?

Ans- No, it is not. The device uses a USB cord that connects to a USB port in a cat or on a device.


  • Does the Car Roof Interior Laser LED Projector last long?

Ans- The Car LED Projector is quite durable and can last very long. Approximately, you should get more than 50,000 hours lifetime from the device. This translates to 5 years or more.


  • Is the laser light dangerous?

Ans- Certainly not. The product is certified with the IIB safety class and the laser light is totally harmless. In fact, this LED Projector is also safe around kids and pets, because there is no radiation.


  • Will the car AC or heater damage it?

Ans- The manufacturers have taken all of these details into consideration. It can function well in temperatures between -20 degrees and +70 degrees. So, whether your AC is turned on in the summer or turned off in the winter, you've got your LED Projector working.


  • Can it work on any car?

Ans- It certainly can. As long as your car has a functional USB port, you're good to go. Even if it doesn't, you can always power it up with a device like a phone, a computer, power bank, etc.



Getting the car interior you desire shouldn't be that difficult. The Car Roof Interior Laser LED Projector is a great piece of accessory that'll make your car glow and stand out. This product offers you an easy option that is easy, efficient and simply beautiful.

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