Universal car LCD HUD

This multi-functional LCD HUD is a great gadget for your car. It is not only compatible will all vehicles but a perfect combination of three different technologies that allow reading your ECU data through a display interface. This LCD HUD has a TFT LCD Display screen that allows you to see the information more clearly than the windshield HUD. Speed Monitoring through the LCD display is nothing less than the fun that brings you a fantastic driving experience. No matter what data you want to read during driving, it will be shown in the form of rich content by this innovative HUD. You can monitor a wide range of ECU data including vehicle speed, driving direction, low voltage alarm, driving time, satellite time, and altitude. This LCD HUD also allows you to switch between kilometers and miles. It is a good driving companion that will help you drive safer.


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Product Description

This LCD HUD is available in small size but has many functions. It is an OBD (On-Board Diagnosis) +GPS Gauge, which means you can use both OBD and GPS modes in a single gadget. The best thing about LCD HUD Gadget is that it is compatible with all vehicles, unlike other HUDs. You will not face any difficulty in its installation in your vehicle.


Important Features

·         Dual System (OBD+GPS)

Thanks to its Dual System, you can enjoy GPS and OBD (On-Board Diagnosis) in one device. GPS allows you to check your exact location while OBD allows you to check the real-time ECU data of your vehicle. 



Dual Installation Methods

You can install the LCD HUD in your vehicle through two different installation methods. The first method is known as A-Pillar installation while the second method is called center console installation. You can install the first stopwatch on the A-pillar.


·         Comfortable LED Display

LCD HUD Gadget has a comfortable LED of 2.2 inches that allows you to monitor your vehicle's ECU data. This LED has a screen resolution of 240*240 which means it will display the data in the form of rich content. You can rotate this screen by 270 degrees.


·         3 Types of Turbine Pressure

LCD HUD allows you to check the turbine pressure in three different formats including PSI, bar, and 100KPA. You can adjust and calibrate the Turbine value to increase the fuel consumption unit KM/L.

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·         High Refresh Rate

LCD HUD has a high refresh rate of up to 10 Hz, so you will experience the no stall delay phenomenon. Everything will be processed faster and efficiently.


·         GPS and OBD Systems can be displayed simultaneously

Unlike others, this T600 can display both OBD and GPS at the same time. The usually vehicle speed is in km (kilometers), however, when you switch the speed into MPH per hour, the water temperature will be automatically changed into Fahrenheit degrees from Celsius. The single driving distance will also be converted into Miles and the consumption of fuel will be also switched into gallons MPG.


·         Multiple Functions

LCD HUD has multiple functions. Some of the most prominent functions of this modern-day HUD are as follows:


  • OBD2 Mode

  • Brightness Adjustment (Manual and Automatic)

  • Fatigue Driving Reminder

  • Mile switch

  • Voltage Alarm

  • Speed Alarm

  • Water Temperature Alarm

  • Elimination of fault code

  • Engine Failure Alarm

  • Overspeed Alarm

  • Brake Test

  • Acceleration Test

  • Turbine Pressure

  • Engine Oil Temperature

  • Single Travel Time

  • Single Travel Distance

  • Clock

  • Fuel Consumption

  • Voltage

  • Water Temperature

  • Speed

  • RPM

You are getting this huge number of functions in a single device. Isn’t it exciting!

·         Multifunction GPS Mode

The GPS mode of LCD HUD Gadget has several functions such as:

  • Speed per hour

  • Altitude

  • Number of satellites

  • Clock

  • Per trip mileage

  • Time per trip

  • Compass




  • Durable ABS Manufacturing Material
  • Dual Mode System (OBD+GPS)

  • High Resolution (240*240) LED Display

  • Lightweight

  • Hook and Loop for installation

  • Multifunction GPS Mode

  • Multifunction OBD Mode

  • Fast Operation with High Refresh Rate

  • Two Different Installation Methods

  • Long-lasting Lithium Battery


  • Not Compatible with Cars before the year 2004 in America and Europe

  • Not Compatible with Asian Cars before the year 2008

  • Not for Diesel vehicles


LCD HUD is a useful device for your Car with dual-mode functioning (OBD+GPS). You will get a wide range of functions in it that makes it your best driving companion. Thanks to its long-lasting Lithium Battery, you can use it for many days without recharging. It is easy to operator thanks to its ultra-long standby design. It is easy to install as well. You just have to install it and it will start managing everything for you so you can focus only on driving.

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Universal car LCD HUD
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It does not work with all the protocols, old Americans do not see, on the Dodge Ram 2003G did not work, on the Outlander XL came up. By GPS, the speed shows with glitches. In general, only for relatively fresh cars.




arrived pretty quickly, smaller than expected excellent.




The coolant and rpm readings didn’t work for my vehicle 2008 Honda Ridgeline. The readings just read zero



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