Portable bike pump

This portable bike pump is a must have cycling accessory while riding with your bicycle. It is easy to mount on the bike frame with the included bracket, strap, and screws. You can also keep it in your saddlebag or backpack. Portable Bike Pump is easy to use with fast pumping and you can use it for both Schrader and Presta valves. Whenever you feel that your bicycle's tire is not enough inflated, just use the portable bike pump to bring it normal in a matter of seconds. Thanks to its secure tread-on valve connection, your cycle's tire will have a super tight seal with no air leaks or damage.

Besides fast pumping for your cycle, you can also use the Portable Bike Pump to refill pressure in sports balls and inflatable devices such as pool floats and water balls. Portable Bike Pump is a lightweight pump so that you can always keep with you without even feeling it.



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The portable bicycle pump, with its compact and portable design is an indispensable tool for cycling. Whether you want to pump up your bike tires or your sports ball, the portable bicycle pump is here to help you out when you need it. It does its job efficiently with good precision to get you back on your wheels until you reach your destination. 

Important Features:

·         Lightweight with Portable Design

Portable Bike Pump weighs only a few grams, you can mount it on your bike frame to inflate your tire anytime and anywhere. You can even keep it in the pocket of your backpack. You can easily carry it in case of emergencies.

·         Smart Valve Design

You can use the Portable Bike Pump for both Presta and Schrader, thanks to the smart valve design. 

·         High Pressure and Fast Pumping

Unlike conventional mini bike pumps, you can achieve the riding pressure with the Portable Bike Pump with 30% fewer strokes because it provides you fast pumping with high pressure. It is equipped with an ergonomic rubber handle to save pumping labor and ensure fast pumping. The air hose is hidden in the pump so there is no risk for it to degrade or get damaged. This way, it ensures a longer service life of the pump. Portable Bike Pump provides the maximum pressure of 120 PSI.

·         Pressure Gauge

The portable bicycle pump is equipped with a pressure gauge that allows you to check the tire pressure while pumping. No more guessing by touching the wheel. Simply check the tire pressure on the gauge and start pumping to achieve the required pressure.

·         Durable and Reliable

Made with premium quality CNC machined aluminum alloy, the Portable Bike Pump is a reliable and durable tool to make your cycling ride safe and enjoyable. It is scratch-resistant as well as waterproof. So you no longer have to worry about weather conditions to use this pump.

·         Comes with Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket helps you to fix the pump on your bicycle during the ride. Just use the mounting bracket, screws, and strap available in the package and enjoy a safe ride without worrying about tires pressure.

·         Highly Versatile

In addition to using it to maintain good pressure in the tires of your bike, you can use it to inflate your sports balls thanks to its dedicated needle. You can also use it for racing bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, strollers and wheelchairs, etc...

Pros and Cons


  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • High Pressure
  • Fast Pumping
  • Pressure Gauge Display
  • Ball Needle Valve Included
  • High Performance
  • Strong Aluminum Alloy Material


  • Available in Black Color only

Portable Bike Pump is a great cycling companion which helps you to inflate your cycle's tires whenever you want. It is a lightweight, compact and easy to carry.

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