Galaxy LED Projector with Music Bluetooth

This Galaxy LED Projector is composed of a plastic control base and a somewhat crystal ball installed at the top. While the base has the buttons, the ball is what projects the starry lights in your room. You can open up to a whole new world; a starry sky and music enshrined in just one magical device. The unit is great for parties, sleep, festivals and even gaming. Couples can also easily Light up the room to have a romantic atmosphere during special occasions or just about any other day.

This BR Light Star Projector has multiple projection effects and colors, such as blue light, red light, green light, and even white light. You may decide to have a combination of all the colors by simple using the control button. This can be very useful in disco parties or karaoke nights. Apart from starry lights, it can also project ocean waves that can help anyone relax. The wireless music player complements the amazing aura with any musi  of your choice to make an exciting moment truly special.
This device can be used by adults and kids, either as a sleep enhancer as for fun and relaxation.
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Galaxy LED Projector with Music Bluetooth

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There's something special about watching the stars. With the naked eye, we may sometimes confuse the stars with other planetary bodies. Those who can afford good ones tend to purchase optical telescopes to get a good view, but this would mean staying outside the house or setting up by your window. But what if you could bring those stars into your room? What if you can immerse yourself in a cloud of shiny, bright stars within arm's reach?
To make this dream a reality, there has been a recent upsurge of Galaxy LED Projectors by different manufacturers to help provide that galactic illusion of stellar objects in your home. After a thorough search and investigation, we have found just the perfect one for you. The BR Light LED Projector Night Light with Music has just the perfect features and Specifications to take you on that space tour you've always wanted.

Specifications and Features

⦁ Starry Sky Projector. This is the most obvious component of the Galaxy LED Projector. When the device is turned on, it projects a beautiful array of starry lights that gives a somewhat dreamy feeling of floating in space.

⦁ Music Player with Built-in Speaker: Coupled with the beautiful bright starry lights is a wireless music player. You can sync the device's bluetooth with your smartphone or connect them using the included USB cord, and play songs of your choice for the perfect mood. The device has an inbuilt speaker for this purpose.

⦁ Remote Control: For convenience, the product comes with a remote control just incase you place it a few meters away from your bed or seat. A remote control offers you the freedom to send commands from wherever you are in the room and manipulate the lights however you choose.

⦁ Multi-Projection Effect/Colors: Whatever you decide to do with your Galaxy LED Projector, the array of colors creates a very soothing and vibrant atmosphere. You may decide to use either of the blue, green, red or white light or simply have them all at the same time. Nothing stops you from enjoying the multiple bright starry light colors of the device.

⦁ Auto-off Timer: Most people use this device to induce sleep. Many parents find it very useful to help their kids fall asleep. Adults too can enjoy this sleepy atmosphere with soft music playing along. However, it may not be ideal to leave it on throughout the night. This is where the auto-off timer becomes useful. Just set a specific time for when you want it to go off.

⦁ Adjustable Brightness: The brightness of the lights can also be adjusted to suit your preference and the situation. A disco party would mostly require optimum brightness, but you won't need all that if you're trying to fall asleep.

⦁ Dimensions: The device measures 4.9 inches in height and 6.5 inches in width. This I quite portable and should sit comfortably on a bedside drawer or a stool nearby.

⦁ USB Port: This is how you can connect your device directly with your mobile phone where the need arises.

⦁ Bluetooth Connectivity: The Bluetooth feature of the ⦁ BR Light Galaxy LED Projector  opens it up to a whole lot of possibilities; for music, operation and other remote functions.


⦁ Brightness of the starry lights can be adjusted.
⦁ Requires minimal electricity to work, with DC Input at 5V-2A.
⦁ Very portable for easy carry and it requires little space.
⦁ Very easy to operate with very easy buttons on the device as well as a functional remote control.
⦁ Perfect for interior decor whether as a starry sky or as a wavy ocean.
⦁ Also a great option for birthday, anniversary or bachelor party gifts.


⦁ Remote control is mono-directional.

Benefits of Galaxy LED Projector

Having provided all the details you need about the product under review, you may be asking why it is important for you to buy. Here's a list of reasons;
a. It helps children and some adults relax and fall asleep quickly and easily.
b. You're able to listen to music as you drift into sleep.
c. Provides an illusion of space travel.
d. Great visual experience as a result of the different lighting modes.
e. You can also use Galaxy LED lights for party and event decorations.

How to Use

1. The Set up. Installing the BR Light Galaxy LED Projector is very easy. Simply connect the cable to a power source and turn it on. Projection should begin immediately. You can set the brightness level or color combination using your remote.
2. Connecting the Star Projector to your phone. There are two easy ways to do this; Bluetooth connection and USB. To connect via Bluetooth, swith on the device (and the Bluetooth comes on automatically), then turn on your phone's Bluetooth. Check the pairing list for the device name and pair accordingly. You're good to go with Music and so much more.
Another option is to simply connect them directly using the USB cord provided.

Frequently Asked Questions about BR Light Galaxy Star LED Projectors

1. Can I use the BR Light Star LED Projector in the day?
Answer: Star LED Projectors work best in the dark because it is almost impossible to see the starry lights when the environment is bright. You may only use the Projector in the day if you're in a closed, poorly-lit room.

2. Does the BR Light Star Projector use batteries?
Answer: The answer is No. It is powered by direct electricity.

3. Do I have to buy speakers separately to use the music feature?
Answer: No, you don't. The device has a built-in speaker for music.

4. Can I use multiple lights at the same time?
Answer: Yes, you can set the device to emit multiple light colors at the same time.


Open up to a whole new world of possibilities. Get that sleep you deserve. Spice up your party or simply get the interior feel in your home that you've always wanted. With the BR Light Galaxy Night LED Projector, you can get all of these and so much more. This product is a durable, functional, efficient and convenient way to light up your room or party with the most amazing scenery ever. Be sure to give it a try and you can thank us later.

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Galaxy LED Projector with Music Bluetooth
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