Rechargeable USB Electric Lighter

It is a Certified safe electric lighter that totally operates on electricity and does not have any harmful petroleum contents. This Electric Rechargeable Lighter adapts flameless plasma technology with a multi-project safety system that ensures complete protection for you and your kitchen. It is completely splash and wind-proof thanks to which there are no chances of blowing out of electrical pulses due to strong winds. It also works perfectly under bad weather conditions. Another best thing about this revolutionary stove lighter is that it is USB Chargeable. It comes with a portable USB charging cable thanks to which you can charge it from your computer, laptop, or by using your phone charging adapter. Electric Rechargeable Lighter has a long-lasting battery that allows it work for many days without recharging. It is made of safe, secure, and durable material so even an inexperienced person can use it without any difficulty. 


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Electric Rechargeable Lighter is the latest technology-based lighter that does not use any butane gas. It is equally good for lighting your fireplaces, burners, and candles. Thanks to its sleek and stylish design, it is a decoration piece more than a simple lighter. Unlike other ordinary lighters that cause burns from upside-down flames, Electrical Rechargeable Lighter has no such unstable flames. You will just push its button and your burner or stove will get lightened in the blink of an eye.

For getting more interesting facts about Electric Rechargeable Lighter, let’s explore some of its major features.

Important Features:


Unlike other ordinary lighters, Electric Rechargeable Lighter is completely flameless. It uses flameless plasma technology to prevent dangerous flame variations. Therefore, Electric Rechargeable Lighter is completely safe for you and your kitchen stuff.

Splash & Wind Proof

Thanks to the splash and windproof nature, you can use Electric Rechargeable Lighter in all kinds of weather conditions. It has no flame it means even strong wind can do nothing with it so you will enjoy a smooth lightning experience.



Unlike other ordinary Lighters, Electric Rechargeable Lighter does not produce butane or any other harmful gas. It has a very silent operation. You would only listen to a slight sound of pushing the button, that's all. All these features make Electric Rechargeable Lighter, a highly eco-friendly device.

USB Rechargeable

Electric Rechargeable Lighter is USB rechargeable thanks to which you can recharge it through your laptop and computer. You can also use your phone’s charging adapter to charge it. Electric Rechargeable Lighter only takes a few minutes to fully charge and you can use it for many days without charging again. There are 5 LED lights on the top of the barrel of the Lighter. When the lighter is fully charged, the lights on the barrel turn on.


Long-lasting and Larger Capacity Battery

Electric Rechargeable Lighter comes with a long-lasting battery that has a very large capacity. With a fully charged battery, you can use the lighter over 500 times, yes you listen right! 500 times!


Seamless Steel hose

The advanced technology-based Lighter comes with a seamless steel hose that is durable and soft. The hose does not cause any friction in your hands because it is easy to handle.


Durable and Reliable Metallic Body

The body of Electric Rechargeable Lighter is made of zinc alloy thanks to which it can withstand falling from low heights such as from kitchen shelves. Zinc alloy does not erode due to which you can use this lighter in different harsh environments with absolutely no problem.


360 Degrees Free Rotation

It is another remarkable feature of Electric Rechargeable Lighter. Thanks to its seamless and soft steel hose, you can rotate it in 360 degrees according to your requirements. This free rotation allows you to use this Lighter at various places when you need to ignite the fire. It is the best BBQ lighter thanks to its cool ergonomics.


Stylish and Multipurpose Ignition Design

Electric Rechargeable Lighter has a very cool, stylish, and multi-purpose design. Its design is resistant to strong wind and with airless and oil-free ignition. Even an inexperienced person can use it without any difficulty.


Multiple Color options

Electric Rechargeable Lighter is available in multiple colors including Black, Gold, Grey, Silver, Ice Red, and Ice Blue. You can choose whatever you like!

When you buy Electric Rechargeable Lighter, you will get everything you need in the package. For example, the package includes Electric Rechargeable Lighter, a portable USB cable for charging, and one cleaning brush. The cleaning brush is for the maintenance of the Electric Rechargeable Lighter because if it is not cleaned properly the debris and dust can block the ignition pathways. So, you have to keep it maintained by cleaning it once a week.


  • Flameless
  • No Butane or other harmless gases
  • Wind Resistant
  • Splash Proof
  • Stylish Design
  • Lithium Battery (Capacity = 220 mAh)
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Due to high flexibility, slightly susceptible to break

The Electric Rechargeable Lighter is definitely a must have device for your kitchen.It does not produce any flame or harmful gases due to which it is completely safe and comfortable to use.

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Rechargeable USB Electric Lighter
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Like a gas stove lighter is a very cool thing. I advise you to buy. How long will last-will show time. Very long delivery time, although for delivery took charge.


Turn on very well, I'll test the battery life. Quality feel materials. The visit burns any thin material, cardboard paper, etc.



Thank you ! This product is high quality Conform exactly to the pictures of the seller Very happy with the purchase ! RECOMMEND 5 stars ! :-)





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