USB Electronic Mosquito Killer LED Lamp

If you really want to get rid of mosquitoes in your home, you should consider USB Electronic LED Lamp Mosquito Killers. Those flying bugs are attracted by light, and the energy-efficient LED light lures them in while the suction vent pulls them quietly and cleverly into the killer box that they can't escape. This bug killer is chemical free and adopts a dehydration method that is two times stronger than regular bug zappers. It comes in a very stylish body that is compact, sleek and minimalistic. It is also equiped with an USB port for connection to adapters, a power bank or even a computer.


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If you've ever lived close to a swamp, a river or lake, or even in a country home close to the forest, then you must have had a fair share of mosquito trouble. Those tiny deadly beasts have also found their way to the cities, disrupting your sleep and spreading malaria. You can now truly say goodbye to mosquito trouble and not have to watch your back. This exciting product is not just a portable and stylish product, it is also very effective against killer mosquitoes.


The 6-watt powered device may be small, but it packs very impressive power. It has a coverage capacity of between 20m and 40m, which is wider than the size of an average bedroom. The anti-escape killer box is helped by a truly powerful and irresistible lure- just like bait for fish. Other parts of the device work to finish the job that the lure begins through a well thought-out mechanism that doesn't simply trap and kill mosquitoes but also gets rid of other flying insects.


The mechanism includes a built-in eco-friendly fan that quickly and effectively dries out the insides of the mosquitoes, zapping out the life out of them. If you're fed up with noisy traditional zappers, here's a chance to move up to a whole new level with an effective, quiet mosquito killer. One great advantage is that you can use the device outdoors as well because of the USB feature that allows it to be powered up by mobile devices like a power bank or a computer.

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Features and Specifications

  • Anti-escape Box

The anti-escape box is particularly intelligently built to trap mosquitoes and insects with no room to fall out. This helps to keep all dead insects inside the device. No mess is created; simply unlock the storage box by turning it to discard the mess. We all know how messy it can be to come home to your floor, table and furniture filled with dead mosquitoes and insects, especially if you use regular zappers or effective insecticides. This is taken care of by the USB Electronic Led Lamp Mosquito Killer.



  • Violet Light Waves

The violet LED light waves perform two major functions; attract the mosquitoes to the device and lure them in. This energy efficient feature also helps to light up the spot in the dark, making it the center of attention for mosquitoes and other flying insects. What this ensures is your protection when you're asleep. The light waves do not emit any radiation and are completely safe for kids and pets.


  • USB Charging

In line with modern trends, this mosquito repellent device is powered by electric. As an electronic unit, it has a USB Charging port which does not only rely on direct power socket connection but can also be charged using a computer or power bank. This means you can continue to power up and use this device on-the-go. No worries, no hitches.


  • Table-top Portable Design

If you're taking about space, worry no more. This LED mosquito killer is unbelievably portable that you can easily place it on a small stool or bed-side drawer. You can get this product and place it at a corner of the room without taking up any significant space. It is small, but powerful.


  • Non-Chemical Operation

All the device uses are light and air. The light attracts and lures them in, while a specially built fan dries up the deadly insects from their insides. No poisonous chemicals or fumigants are used or released, so you can be sure of your safety and that of your loved ones.


  • Dimensions

The device has a height of 19cm and a width of 13cm. The item weighs 400g. On the other hand, the USB cable is 110cm long.



  • Safe for humans and pets. No chemicals and no radiation, so there're truly no concerns about safety. Just plug in and watch it do its job quietly.


  • Easy to use. This is an extremely practical and user-friendly device. Anyone can use it. All you need to do is connect the USB cord to an adapter or power source and nothing else is required of you. It comes on and traps mosquitoes easily.


  • Easy to clean. This is another very exciting reason to consider this product. All dead insects are trapped in the no-escape box, which is easy to detach in order to dispose the mess. The compartment can also be cleaned easily with a piece of cloth if necessary.


  • Easy to carry. The portable build also makes this USB light wave mosquito killer very easy to move around with. It is lightweight, small enough to fit into your palms and requires no technical installation.


  • Energy efficient. This device consumes very low power, especially because of its LED feature. On the long run, you'll be saving a lot of money on the product.


  • Flexible usage. This electronic mosquito killer is great for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it at home by connecting to an adapter and plugging it to a wall socket or extension socket, or you can use it at the park by connecting it via USB to a power bank. Your bird farm and garden will also benefit a lot from this device.


  • Noiseless operation. You can sleep like a happy baby with the Lamp on. Quiet operation is guaranteed.



  • Can only kill mosquitoes and insects that actually gets close enough to be lured in.


Usage Instructions

To use this USB Electronic Mosquito Killer LED Lamp effectively, follow these simple tips;


  • Turn it on and leave it to run for at least 12 hours.


  • Turn off all other lights in the room and make sure the device is the only source of light.


  • Leave it on throughout the night, as it works better in the dark.


  • For first-time use, let it run for 48 hours.


  • Check for dead mosquitoes and insects every 24 hours.


  • Opening too frequently will give dying mosquitoes chance to escape.


  • For daytime use, turn off all lights and shut all doors and windows.


Things to note when using the USB Electronic Mosquito Killer LED Lamp


  • As much as it is safe to use in homes that have children and pets, keep it out of reach of these little ones, they may tip it over and cause some damage.


  • When connected to electricity, ensure the cable is not an anyone's path and out of the reach of your little ones. Also, do not fiddle or move the device around.


  • Place on an elevated object, at least 1 meter above the ground for optimum results and safety.


  • Do not place too close to your body while sleeping. Asides tipping it over unconsciously, your body temperature may attract the mosquitoes to you instead.


Best for?

This device can be used indoors and outdoors. You can deploy it in your bedroom while you sleep, in the sitting room, your patio when you're taking in the cool of the evening or even in your tents during your camping adventures. It may not do so much in densely populated environments or places with very fast-moving winds. Also, do not place close to a fan or an air conditioner.


This USB Electronic Mosquito Killer LED Lamp is a top-rated product on the market. It is gentle on humans but fierce on mosquitoes, ensuring you have the sound and peaceful sleep you deserve. We have gone ahead to look at all the details and factors, a we can say that this mosquito killer Lamp is worth the investment. From its pleasant exterior and portable build to its effective power to zap the life out of every mosquito that it lures in, there's probably no better product out there within its category.

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