FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock-

FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock

This is a Digital Smart Clock with Alarm and FM Radio together in one Gadget.  It not only has FM Radio and Digital Clock with a smart alarm but is also equipped with a super large LED Mirror screen. You can listen to 32 FM Radio stations on it with a dual smart alarm option having snooze mode. Thanks to its super cool and crystal clear display with different settings of brightness, you can monitor the time at a comfort level. With its 7.4-inch mirror LED, checking the time at night is not a problem anymore even if it is placed 30 feet away from your bedroom. FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock has a project time function by using which you can project the clock on the walls of your room. With its highly powerful built-in powers off memory functions, you don’t have to set the time again and again. Apart from the fantastic functions, the beautiful LED screen of this digital smart alarm clock can be used as a makeup mirror. 

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Product Description


FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock is a 2-in-1 product that contains both a digital clock with alarm and digital FM Radio that gives you 32 FM stations. The design is attractive and it serves as a splendid decoration piece as well.

Important Features


·         Projectable Upgraded Alarm Clock

With 180-degree projection, you can use this upgraded alarm clock to watch time from a long distance. FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock has a 7.4-inch large LED display with 4 dimmable levels of brightness which is enough to turn it into a cinematic clock view. This projection clock is full of senses of technology and science with absolutely no blinking lights or any disturbing things that can interrupt your sleep.


·         Super Large LED Mirror Screen

As we mentioned earlier, FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock is equipped with a 7.4-inch large LED Mirror Screen that is used for time checking, controls, and makeup mirror. The dimmer slider on this screen allows you to adjust brightness as you like from 0-100%. This screen also has 4 adjustable projection brightness settings (Dark, Medium-Bright-OFF) that you can use to adjust the brightness of the projection clock.


·         Digital FM Radio

Through the Digital FM Radio in this Digital Clock, you can enjoy 32 different FM stations with auto-tuning options. The FM Radio has a sleep mode as well through which you can adjust the time of Radio playback according to your sleep patterns. Digital FM Radio uses high-frequency modulation thanks to which you can get crystal clear voice on the stations. You can adjust the volume setting from 1-15 with the V + or V- buttons.

·         Double Alarm with Snooze Function

FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock has a double alarm function so you can adjust two different alarms. This function is very helpful when you and your partner or child wake up at different times. Two alarms can be set at the same time on the same clock. You can select the alarm tone according to your choices such as the default buzzer or any other radio recorded tone. FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock has a snooze function as well that allows you to sleep for additional 5-60 minutes with a standard snooze time of 5 minutes. You can adjust the time of the clock according to the 12- or 24-hour pattern as you want.

·         Indoor Thermometer and Humidity Function

Do you want to know the exact temperature and level of humidity in your room? Don't worry, the FM Radio LED Digital Alarm Clock has these functions as well. You can see the temperature and humidity in your room thanks to its real-time temperature display with 12H/24H modes.

·         USB Charging Port with Long-lasting Battery

With its 5V/1A USB output USB port, you can charge your smartphones while sleeping. Although the projection system only works on AC power, the alarm clock has a build-in long-lasting 1*CR2032 backup battery. Thanks to this long-lasting battery the smart clock remembers the time, alarm, and radio settings during power outages.

·         Durable and Long-lasting

FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock has manufactured with ABS material thanks to which it is highly durable and long-lasting. It can survive fallings from low heights. It can survive in a few sprinkles of water but is not completely waterproof. FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock has a strong body with insulation to keep it shockproof.


·         Available in two colors

FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock is available in two different colors including Black and White. Another option is a combinaison of black body with blue LED. You can choose any color you like. They are wonderfully glowing and charming.

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  • Projection Clock
  • 32 FM Radio Stations (FM Frequency: 87.5-108 MHz)
  • Dual Alarm Function
  • Provided USB Cable to Charge Smartphone
  • ABS Material
  • 7.4-inch LED Screen Display
  • Sleep Option
  • User Manual
  • 0.5-5m Projection Distance
  • Brightness Adjustments 4 Levels


  • Not Waterproof
  • Projection system does not work without AC Power

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In our opinion, FM Radio LED Digital Alarm Clock is the best gadget if you want to get a superb digital and project clock with FM Radio in one body. That is a fantastic gift for your room!


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FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock
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Very nice and elegant


Got yesterday. It came in 7 days. Watch-Super! The seller put the battery, for which thank him so much! The manual lay in a box, in English, but by the video of the seller and so everything is available and clear-how to customize! Everything is adjustable, everything is adjusted, on the ceiling there are 2 brightness modes, it is possible and dim to do, I do not know who there is bright... Also, the clock itself has several brightness settings, there is a setting-in bright light (during the day or when the chandelier is lit in the room), they Bright as soon as as as they also dim, that would not be bright, at night why do I need bright light?? The radio caught, but we have a far tower, so it turned out a lot of "empty", you have to throw up how to sort, or manually set the frequency, apparently, there Just an automatic search... you can put a radio on the alarm clock, 2 alarm clocks, there is a sleep function, sleep under the radio, for example. Yes, everything is clear in the video, look carefully, and you will be happy! ;) Recommend!



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