Liquid motion sand moving art

Liquid motion sand moving art

This amazing item unravels as a beautiful piece of 3D Art which is not just great for relaxation, but also very useful for releasing pent up anxieties and stress. This CalmCapsule Sand Frame is a Deep Sea Sandscape that is in motion. By turning the Dynamic Sand Picture Frame, a different image is formed each time, revealing a series of captivating landscape scenes. As the sands fall and form different scenic shapes, it produces a certain feeling of calm inside you.
The product is made of clear crystal glass with drop water illusion. What you see inside is some sort of quicksand; fine, screened and colorful. The clearly demarcated levels give it that motion and changing design with an excellent 3D effect. You can call it a 2-in-1 piece of art, as you can use it as an interior decor for your home or office, as well as a therapeutic device. You can enjoy the breathtaking landscape designs that the gold, black and white sands produce when placed vertically or horizontally.
The manufacturers call it an entire world in a Sand and heaven in a flower; eternity in an instant- it feels like you're holding infinity in your hands. So, whether you're studying, reading or working, this beautiful, changing world in a round frame will help you relax.


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In a world filled with stress and anxiety, finding the perfect way to relax and calm your nerves is a necessity. For many people, taking some time off work and embarking on a summer vacation is one way to deal with stress. However, that can only be done once every year, and it'll cost you quite a lot of money to plan the perfect vacation. But it doesn't always have to be that way. There are other great ways to relax and we highly recommend you try a Deep Sea Moving Sand Art.
This post is a review of our top choice, the Deep Sea Moving Sand Art. If you desire an affordable product that can help relax your nerves and put you in the right mood, this Moving Sand Frame is just what you need. Sand capsules are known to have the ability to take your mind off everyday hustle and bustle and onto a place where you can rejuvenate and refresh. It is safe, affordable and totally effective.

Specifications and Features

Size: This product is quite portable, with dimensions at 11.02 inches x 12.23 inches. This portability makes it a great piece of table-top decor. It doesn't take up too much space.

Weight: The Sandscape Frame weights about 15 ounces, which is pretty lightweight and convenient for use.

Materials: The stand that holds the Sand Picture Frame is a mixture of ABS material and some plastic. The upper part is an encircled transparent crystal glass that reveal colorful quicksand forming great shapes and landscapes. 

Colorful Sands:
This is one great component that makes the CalmCapsule Sand Art an art piece of choice. The colorful sands of black, white and gold are able to synergically give you a decor that suits your home at every point in time.
Wiping Cloth: This piece of cloth is included in the box to ensure there's something to clean with. You need the glass to be sparkly clean and free of fog all the time, don't you?

3D Effect:
The Sand magic is almost surreal. It gives the illusion of infinity with the 3D animated graphics design that takes you into a whole new world of possibilities.


It is a very affordable device.
Extremely easy to use; no setup required.
Great for eye relaxation and for relieving stress.
It is also a very portable device, can be used by all members of the family.
Top quality design materials for durability and value.
No maintenance cost of any kind.


Breakable glass must be protected from damage.

How to Use The  Deep Sea Moving Sand Art Round Glass

We won't be exagerating if we told you using this device is as simple as ABC. Here's a brief guide to help you;
After unboxing, hold the product on both sides and shake it gently for a few minutes, so that all the Sand can drop to the bottom edge while the air inside can float to the top as tiny bubbles. Leave for a while to settle.
Turn the product upside down horizontally to witness the slow Sand flow which begins to show mountains and waterfalls emerging as the Sand flows slowly. Once the movement is complete, you'll be looking at standout high gorges, majestic mountains and flat lakes.
If the bubbles ever get too large (beyond 2mm), causing the movement of the sand to freeze, you'll need to shake the product repeatedly and ensure the bubbles break down. The bubbles' buoyancy must be in sync with the sands' gravity, otherwise this hiccup- though rare- can occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does  Deep Sea Moving Sand Art use electricity?
Answer: The answer is No. It doesn't need electricity to work. The device is a mechanical 3D-inspired Piece of art that responds to the action of movement or shaking.

Can a child use it?
Answer: The product is meant for adults and children. However, be sure the child is old enough to handle it without destroying it. We'd recommend users aged 11 and above.

Does it come in other color variants?
Answer: This particular product only comes in the White, Black and Gold variant. There are other products which offer other colors, but you should be sure they are of top quality too.

Is it effective for stress reduction?
Answer: There is a school of thought that posits that patterns and pleasant landscapes and sights can help the mind move onto a place of rest, which can help reduce stress and anxiety in people.


The sand art liquid motion piece of decoration offers a round, geometric option which is different from most of the other sand art products out there. This gives it good balance on your table top, and handle as well. There is a growing crop of people who are beginning to enjoy the benefits of this amazing product, especially to promote their mental health and help them relax.

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Liquid motion sand moving art
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Très bien


I love it! It came packaged in a thick layer of bubble wrap and cushioned air pillows, so luckily it didn't break during shipping. The colors of the sand are exactly the same as in the pictures. It's really satisfying and hypnotizing to watch! The holder is very light and made of thin plastic, but that's not really troubling since it is sturdy enough. Ik vind hem geweldig! Het product kwam aan in een dikke laag bubbeltjes plastic en luchtkussentjes, dus gelukkig was het product niet gebroken onderweg! De kleuren van het zand zijn exact hetzelfde als die op de foto's. Heel voldoenend en hypnotizerend om naar te kijken! De houder is van dun plastic, maar dat is verder niet heel hinderlijk gezien het stevig genoeg is.


Very quick to arrive. Just beautiful thank you


Arrived quickly, and very well packaged.



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