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Rechargeable USB Electric...

17 Reviews
Price €22.00
It is a Certified safe electric lighter that totally operates on electricity and does not have any harmful petroleum contents. This Electric Rechargeable Lighter adapts flameless plasma technology with a multi-project safety system that ensures complete protection...

USB Electric Knife Sharpener

20 Reviews
Price €22.00
This USB Electric Knife Sharpener is a top device that helps to sharpen different types and sizes of non-serrated knives. While traditional stones struggle against bad bluntness, this Electric device  sharpens your chopping, vegetable table knives, as well as your...


19 Reviews
Price €46.00
Temperature measurement of food especially meat is challenging during outdoor cooking. Wireless Meat Thermometer allows you to measure the temperature of the meat from your smartphone during cooking. This remarkable invention uses a...