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Liquid motion sand moving art

18 Reviews
Price €39.00
This amazing item unravels as a beautiful piece of 3D Art which is not just great for relaxation, but also very useful for releasing pent up anxieties and stress. This CalmCapsule Sand Frame is a Deep Sea Sandscape that is in motion. By turning the Dynamic...

Galaxy LED Projector with...

18 Reviews
Price €49.00
This Galaxy LED Projector is composed of a plastic control base and a somewhat crystal ball installed at the top. While the base has the buttons, the ball is what projects the starry lights in your room. You can open up to a...

Magnetic Floating Globe

20 Reviews
Price €39.00
This is a magnificent levitation globe that is equipped with LED lights to illuminate your desk area in a sublime manner. It works completely electronically, thanks to which you don't need any other device to hold it in the air. Floating globe a cool gadget for your...

Mini Fish Tank

20 Reviews
Price €45.00
This uniquely designed desktop Mini Fish Tank gives the impression of a small aquarium right in your living room. It is not just a high-tech habitat for your freshwater Fish, coral and reef, but is also a pleasantly built home decor for your viewing pleasure. The...

YHW WiFi Smart Light Bulb...

20 Reviews
Price €64.47
YHW WiFi Smart Light Bulb E27 LED Lamp AC100-240V RGBCW Colorful Changing Work With Alexa Google Home Time Mode New Year Gift